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Personal Psalm 3: Cleanse my Heart

Open Journal

Lord, cleanse my heart

Lord, cleanse my heart and my ways.
     Purify my heart and my feet as I approach your brilliance. 
     Lead me in your actions.
     Teach me your righteousness.

Lord, cleanse my heart and my ways.
     As your fire burns in my heart, allow it to fuel your goodness in my life.
     The glow of your perfection reflects from my spirit.
     Your thoughts are becoming mine.
     Fill me with the radiance of your holy name.      

Lord, cleanse my heart and my ways.
     YHWH, living and mighty, your mark is my salvation.
     Christ, your glory lights my path, ever leading me in your plans. 
     Holy One, imprint on me a desire to know you and to experience your peace.

Glory and honor be given to you, cleanser of hearts and illuminating light.
     My life and deed declare you alone are God, the one and true God.
     Cleanse and purify my heart O God!

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*Personal Psalms are written first and foremost from a personal perspective. They seek to display and document the journey of the author toward the living God. They are shared with vulnerability and hope for their communal encouragement.

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