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Christian Community is way more than Church on Sunday

Christian community is way more than church on Sunday

Over the past few weeks, I have really reflected on what it means to be part of the Christian community. 

Most people would quickly assume that to be part of the Christian community you are part of the church. Others would assume that to be part of the community you affirm the beliefs of the Bible. 

While these play a part of our community and are certainly involved in our experience as Christians, these aspects do not really express the heart of Christian community. 

Unlike other communities, the Christian community finds their identity outside themselves. 

Their identity stems from Jesus and the life which flows from him. 

Community is created out of our mutual connectedness to him. This connectedness then breathes life into ourselves and each other when we are together.

Christian community is more than church because the community is more dynamic than the church. 

Church is a commodity in the West. 

When the church no longer fills our need or fits our preference, we choose a new one. We can move and change churches. We can choose our church.

Christian community does not function that way.

We do not choose it. Rather, Jesus chooses us.

The past few weeks I have seen how people come together outside the church. 

We eat together.

We cry together.

We laugh together.

We sing and play together. 

We breathe the same air together. 

We encourage each other. 

We speak life together. 

Church highlights many of these things but the Christian community goes beyond the church setting. 

Christian community chooses to love people regardless our situation.

You cannot un-choose the Christian community… unless you seek to leave it. 

A practical encouragement: invest in your Christian community. Even though its bigger than your church, I encourage you to really love your church well. The people in your church are your closest Christian community and they need you. 

Its easy to just go to church on Sunday, but the community needs you everyday…

The people need you…

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