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An Expectant Prayer for Unity

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An Expectant Prayer for Unity

The following prayer, An Expectant Prayer for Unity, is an adapted and expanded version of the prayer for unity found in the We are Radicals Book of Prayers. You can find the free e-book here!

Almighty God,

Continue in us the work you started. Through your son, we have been presented hope. He is our hope. Christ is our hope!

The one who made the way for the one body, unify us. We believe in you, the head of the body. In your Kingdom, there is one Lord… one faith… one body… one baptism…

Is Christ divided? Praise God no! In Christ, we are found, unified in love. We offer this expectant prayer for unity as a proclamation of our devotion to you, O Lord. 

We expect unity as we build your Kingdom. 

We expect unity through your love, not uniformity. Your love is our hope. We praise you for providing wholeness amidst our uniqueness. Let us not allow our convictions to negate our connection to your cross-our cross. 

Help us come together and complete your work. 

Where there is disunity, bring restoration. We ask that you would change our hearts and bring us together. Only in you are we made to be one, and only through you do we have the ability to unite as one.

In you, we find hope. We expectantly pray that your unity will capture our hearts. May your love bind our spirits together. Let this prayer be a banner of love, open for all to see and embrace. 

Lord, Jesus Christ, guide us in your love. 

One sacrifice. One love. One hope. Christ.


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Feel free to share this prayer with a friend. In Christ, we can find unity despite our uniqueness! 

I am posting this on my social media to share with everyone that I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. We are one in Christ, despite our preferences and opinions. Will you join me?

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