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A Prayer Against Perfection

Abram Bagunu: a prayer against perfection and the hold it has on our lives.



“I again approach you weak, broken, and flawed. I seek perfection.

Again, I am marked by my failures. I am not able to do right.

I long to do what I know you have asked, yet I fail.

Perfection seeks to control my whole person.

I fail so often; I am weak.

I am unable; I fail to see you.

But, I look to the cross, for the cross is bigger!

Look to the cross, for it seeks to speak again!   

Where perfection was not found, restoration now lies. 

Where failure abound, mercy now grows.

No longer am I seen by what has happened, but what he has done makes me see. 

I am not perfect, yet in you will I be.

In this moment, let me lay down my faults. 

Take who I am. 

That which I sought to be was corrupted. 

That which I became was still not perfect. 

While I still fail, I am committed to you. 

I seek not perfection, but you, O God.

You alone are my desire.

In abandoning the desire of perfection, I seek you. 

In finding you, I find the desire to become like you, the perfect one. 

In becoming like you, I love you and those around me with my whole heart. 

In loving, I abandon the idol perfection and embrace beauty of your kingdom. 

Lord, heal my heart.

Cleanse me of my desire to be perfect. 

Set my heart on you, my true and pure desire. 

In you, I find myself. 


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