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Personal Psalm 4

Open Journal

Lord God, be my sustainer and my peace.

Should man turn against me, you will be enough. 

When I turn to find approval and hope from man, expose my fault. 

When I turn to Egypt* for help, convict me. 

Remind me to turn to you. 

To look to the Holy One of Israel or consult the LORD!

The Egyptians are man, and not God, 

and their horses are flesh, and not spirit.

He alone is worthy of my trust.

Man has no power when brought before the splendor of YHWH. 

My mind is deceived to rely on the thoughts of men. 

Only God is true and noble.

Fill me with your living water. 

Fill my mind with your ways and thoughts. 

The approval of men is shallow and weak. 

Like a vapor it comes and goes with no meaning or importance. 

You, O God, are my foundation; you establish the mold and structure of my life. 

Where does my strength come from? 

Each morning, who breathes new life anew? 

Does man govern the sun and the sea? 

Does man hold creation in the comfort of his hand?

Is man able to speak life and peace into my life? 
Why then must we seek to safety of Egypt?

Why must we draw strength from our fleeing ally, present one season and gone the next?

God alone is enough. 

Draw near and bring your family close. 

Run back to the fields of YHWH. 

Cut off those who flee. 

Abandon those who stay behind to the pains of judgement. 

Proclaim the goodness of YHWH and run to his gates. 
For YHWH alone is our goal. He alone is our peace. 
Why gain approval of man? Why seek refuge from Egypt?

YHWH, the Holy One, seeks to stretch forth his hand. 

Worry not about the men you can carry into the field of his grace, a foolish endeavor.

Find peace O vessel.

See that your journey leads you into his enveloping presence—Christ.



*Isaiah 31


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