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A Difficult Prayer in the Political Unknown

Congressional Chamber

Lord Jesus, Almighty King and ruler of all
Raise your banner high on our hearts
     we live as aliens ready to raise your banner
     we live as citizens of your heavenly kingdom
     we live in man’s dark unknown
     we live to make heaven here on earth as we await your glorious return

Raise your banner high on our hearts
     the Lamb reigns in the unknown
     the Lamb reigns in the highlands
     the Lamb reigns from sea to sea

Raise your banner high on our hearts
     the thunder announces your presence 
     the lightning reveals your glorious power
     the riches of your Kingdom are worth more than gold

HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, is the Lord God Almighty
Who was, and is, and is to come

Forever shall his Kingdom reign
     where man cannot decide, let him decide
     where man cannot judge, let him judge
     where man cannot act in honor, let God outshine their rags
     where man cannot rule, let God reign on high

Who is worthy?

There is none to see
     no man has loved like our Lord
     no man has cared for his people
     no man has protected his flock as a good shepherd
There is no other worthy to be called King 

Lord Jesus, Son of the Living God, raise your banner high on our hearts
     your throne room has no gate
     your house has no need for guards
     all men have access to you
     those who enter are bound with glory and drawn to unending praise

Raise your banner high on our hearts
     free me of the reliance of men
     teach me to enact your ways
     show me how to live in your Kingdom
     guide me in the process of restoration and welfare 
     enable me to love above all
     empower me to build your Kingdom here and patiently await your return

Raise your banner high on our hearts 
     high above the banner of man
     high above the banner of power
     high above the banner of greed
     high above the banner of security

We raise our banner of love high on your hill–Calvary
    our banner rests in the shadow of Rome and in the light of your Kingdom 

All hail King Jesus
     King of glory
     Light of lights
     King of kings
     Lord of lords
     Ruler of all


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