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Being Personal in a Divided Culture

Being Personal in a Divided Culture Abram Bagunu

America: Land of Division

It is not normal being personal in a divided culture. 

The United States of America was created as a land of divided people. People came from all corners of the world and established sovereign states. Since the beginning, America has been divided.

This is not entirely bad. Being independent is an inevitable aspect of life and progress. However, this division does reflect our current culture. 

What does being personal in a divided culture have to do with our lives anyway?

Well think about it…

America was segregated on many levels. 

People were divided based on their race (slaves and free men), religion (Puritans in the Northeast, Quakers and Catholics in the middle colonies, and Baptists and Anglicans in the South), social status (wealthy or poor), and many other divisive aspects. 

We still see division today… 

Black or Blue.

Left or Right

Our world isn’t just divisive. It seeks to divide. 

How are we as believers seeking to overcome this divide to build a united Kingdom under Christ?

Being Personal in a Divided Culture Abram Bagunu
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A Radical Response

The past month, the world has been shaken by the devastating pain of abuse many have understood for centuries. Tragic and unjust actions have been documented and watched by millions. 

Injustice plagues our world. 

Our actions continue to bring division. 

How can we ever bridge this gap?

If you spend any time online, either on social media or just reading news articles, you have have probably seen headlines like this:

“10 Things You Can Do to End Injustice”

Chances are, you have seen this post or a post like it. These lists outline different actions you can take, and they are in many cases extremely helpful. The actions listed are often important (even necessary) to consider. 

Yet, most of these actions are impersonal, if done independently by ones self. 

Think about it…

Its important to sign petitions or call your local representatives. These actions help bridge the gap that America so desperately needs to address. 

HOWEVER, as a believer, we have the ability to not only change the landscape of our communities, we have the opportunity to love and changes the hearts and lives of people. 


How then are we supposed to change peoples lives personally, if all we are doing is posting support, signing our name to something in less than 1 minute, or calling a person who didn’t even care to catch our name. 

I think the beauty of living as a follower of Christ is that we should desire to live in a community with personal relationships with others. While the world chooses to be divided, we as believers long to live in communion by having personal relationships with all people. 

Regardless of race, age, zip code, partisanship, or background, the believer becomes united with his brother through the cross of JESUS CHRIST. 

So, how then are we bridging the gap?

Simply put, live personal connected lives with those around you. 

Two weeks ago, I had a conversation with my friend, Damion Cooper. We talked about this idea of living personal lives. As I sat next to him and listened to him speak, I heard his heart crying out just to be known and heard. 

He said, “Let me take you back where I grew up at. Let me show you.” 

You can listen to our full conversation on the We are Radicals Podcast HERE!

Being Personal in a Divided Culture

People just want to be known and understood. You understand that right?

So, how can we live personally in a divided culture?

I personally think it has to start with loving the people around us and being intentional about investing into the people around us. 

We have the ability to do things that will help bring about a better community, but nothing will be more meaningful than simply loving and investing your time and friendship into our brothers and sisters of color. 


Have conversations. 

Listen to others. 

Give others your time. 

Invest in having personal relationships. 

Being personal is radical in a world of full of division and impersonal progress. 



2 thoughts on “Being Personal in a Divided Culture”

  1. Good stuff Abram. Both being known and knowing is the at center of the gospel. A world of genuinely deep connections with the people we know and love can only result in more meaning, purpose and inspiration to live a fulfilled life.

    1. Absolutely! I’m often reminded of how Jesus took time to stop for the woman who was healed because she touched him. I can’t imagine the increase of meaning and inspiration she must have felt in that encounter.

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